Guide to Measuring Head Circumference

Guide to Measuring Head Circumference

Step 1: Prepare
Gather a flexible measuring tape.

Step 2: Positioning
Place the measuring tape just above your eyebrows, making sure it is level and straight around your head.

Step 3: Snug Fit
Ensure the measuring tape is snug around your head, but not too tight. It should rest comfortably on your forehead and around the sides of your head.

Step 4: Read the Measurement
Read the measurement in centimeters (cm) or inches (in), depending on the unit of the measuring tape.
Step 5: Compare with Helmet Size Chart
Now that you have your head circumference measurement, consult the sizing chart provided by the bicycle helmet manufacturer. Different helmet brands may have slightly different size ranges, so it's essential to find the brand-specific size chart. Match your head circumference measurement with the corresponding helmet size to determine the best fit.


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