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Zacro Sport

Zacro Women's Cycling Shorts

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  • 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Hook and Loop closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • 【Suffcient Chamois】Upgraded 4D gel padded is designed for female riders. The front panel is doubled over to prevent digging in while riding, the barely noticed padding is sufficient in both the pubic bone and sitting bone to provide you with more comfort during long distance ride
  • 【High quality】These biker shorts women are made of breathable paneled mesh, 80% nylon and 20% spandex, breathable and sweat-wicking, comfortable to wear in any season.There are reflective strips at the mouth of the bag to ensure safe travel at night.
  • 【Versatility】These padded bike shorts women are designed with large-capacity pockets on the back and an additional zipper for easy fixation, not only can store light items such as cards, but also valuables such as mobile phones to prevent them from falling during exercise.
  • 【Excellent fixing ability】The waist is designed with an inverted triangle waistline, which modifies the figure and can be firmly tied at the waist for comfort and practicality. The anti-slip silicone design of the bike shorts women with padding can prevent the hem of the trousers from going up, and it is tight and fixed without strangling the thighs, and the anti-slip effect is good.
  • 【Cotton pad upgrade】The traditional cotton pad is more convex than the bottom, the material is poor and hard, and the cotton running and displacement occur from time to time. This upgraded cotton pad material is flat on the top and convex on the bottom, the foreign body feeling is not obvious and can reduce the displacement phenomenon, shock absorption , Spread the pressure division of the buttocks, reduce the pressure and improve the support ability.
  • 【Fitted fit】The sculptural cut of the womens cycling shorts is designed to match the riding position, providing a streamlined body fit for enhanced performance. The special stitching structure on the crotch ensures a frictionless fit without chafing.
  • 【Wide application】High-tech sublimation printing with bright colors and clear lines that never fades out. It's not only suitable for outdoor road cycling, mountain biking, motorcycle driving, horse rising and other sport activities, but also for indoor spinning.